“COMING SOON” Phenomenon in Northwood Hills!

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The real estate market in far north Dallas, and more specifically Northwood Hills is hotter than a firecracker (don’t forget the Northwood Hills Independence Day Parade). It has become a matter of course for real estate agents to put a COMING SOON sign in front of their listings prior to them hitting the market.

At a recent class at the Metrotex Association of Realtors, I was asked what I thought of having a new “status” added to the North Texas RE Information System (NTREIS), aka MLS, called “Coming Soon.” The Association is considering if it should regulate how soon a Coming Soon sign should be allowed in a yard, prior to having the home on the market. (The listing agent is required to have a listing agreement signed and in place prior to putting his/her sign in the yard.)

The reason for the Coming Soon sign? In a “feeding frenzy” type market like we are currently experiencing in Northwood Hills – more buyers than properties available for sale – the sign typically generates dozens of calls from interested buyers or agents who have buyers looking in Northwood Hills.

I try to encourage my sellers to get their home in the best possible show ready condition and then get it in MLS so the market goes to work for them. Once I have a listing agreement signed, I typically place a COMING SOON sign in the front yard for 14 days prior to the scheduled list date.

7115 Meadowcreek Drive in Northwood Hills hit the market May 2, 2016. “Let the showings begin!”

Don’t forget to check out 7115 Meadowcreek Drive in Northwood Hills! Tell your family and friends, in the immortal words of Mr. Rogers, “won’t you be….my neighbor!”

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