Professional Photographs- the key to getting your home SOLD!

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The Dallas real estate market is driven by pictures of homes on the internet. There are hundreds of sites where buyers can go to search available properties. Our local MLS allows for up to 25 pictures, and some of the independent sites enable the seller to include 30-40 images. Buyers are using these tools to screen and narrow the list of homes they will ask their agent to show them.  In today’s market, 75% of home-buyers are putting a contract on a home after visiting fewer than ten homes.

It stands to reason then that sellers would want to show their homes in the best possible light. Over the last several years, professional photography companies, like Shoot2Sell and others, have cropped up to address this need. They take three images of each view, one that is underexposed, one that is overexposed, and one that is in current light. Using software like Photo Shop, they superimpose the three images on top of one another to produce a photo with perfect natural light, regardless of what is happening with the weather, or what time of day it is.

Great photos are the best marketing tool a seller has.  When interviewing listing agents, it is imperative to understand how savvy the agent is in advising purging, staging, photography angles and more. Below, I have included some actual photographs taken from MLS listings over the past few months. Please look at the difference between the professional photos and the “not-so-professional” images. Which home would you want to see? Which listing agent would you want representing you and marketing your property?

Picture 8 Bathroom doors Picture 7 Den dark Picture 6 Kitchen not Picture 4 Kitchen Space Picture 3 Living DenPicture Gateridge framed Picture 2 Outdoor Living Space Picture 1 Outdoor Pool

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