Preparing Your Home for Sale

Preparing your home for market means it has to look as if no one lives there.  Most buyers have a difficult time envisioning their furniture in your home.

Any necessary repairs should be done before your home goes on the market.  Judy Switzer & Associates will do a walk thru with you to give you suggestions to maximize the value of your home with proper staging and other helpful hints.  Judy and her team of experts want to ensure that your home is ready for the most discriminating buyers.  They want it to compare favorably to its’ competition. In other words, they want buyers to see it as the nicest home in their price range.

As you begin this process, Judy Switzer & Associates will set an AutoEmail search of your neighborhood to keep you abreast of the activity and values in your area.  Be sure to look at the photos of the active listings. This is your competition!

Today technology plays a huge role in the world of real estate.  Prospective buyers are able to access available listings via the internet using not only laptops, but iPads, Chromebooks and other devices including SmartPhones.  This means that pictures of your home are being viewed 24/7 on these devices.  The photos are going to determine whether or not the buyer wants to invest the time to physically get in to preview and consider your property for purchase.

Judy Switzer & Associates works with professional stagers and photographers to ensure your home has maximum appeal in the market place. The checklists below are designed to help you get the highest possible price for your home, within your projected time frame.


Click here for a printable version of the checklist below.

Mow the lawn, and trim trees and shrubs away from the house.
Remove dead plants, flowers & shrubs.
Put away tools, garbage cans, hoses, toys & building materials.
Remove window screens while selling your home & keep windows clean.
Repair broken roof shingles and clean out gutters.
Seal or resurface driveway.
Clear patios and decks of charcoal & barbecues.
Dress up front yard shrubs & lamp posts with seasonal color and fresh mulch.
Repaint or refinish trim around windows and doors.
Clean the stove, oven, range hood and countertops.
Repair faucets that drip and cabinet drawers that squeak or bind. Make sure cabinet hardware is also cleaned and tightened.
Discard old food & leftovers from refrigerator.
Remove messages, pictures and magnets from refrigerator.
Clear small appliances, dish drainer and cookware from countertop.
Wipe down cabinets and clear out items under the sink.
 Other: ___________________________
 Other: ___________________________
Clean all light fixtures and replace with bright bulbs in the light fixtures.
Turn on all the lights before a buyer arrives to show there is nothing to hide.
Roll up and remove small rugs.
Fill the house with a fresh scent. Heat vanilla on the stove or bake a batch of cookies.
Spotlessly clean woodwork & carpeting.
Clear window ledges of all objects to give a nice glimpse inside & out.
Repaint walls in a neutral color such as antique white.
Other: ______________________________
Clean fireplace & remove any items in front of it.
Clean or replace carpet with a neutral shade color.
Remove magazines, books, video games, toys and other clutter.
Create an easy going, relaxed atmosphere.
Dust and simplify shelves; remove family photos.
Other: _______________________________
Other: _______________________________
Other: _______________________________
Discard worn furniture & move extras to a storage area.
Visit for decorating ideas.
Clear away all magazines, books & other objects from furniture.
Take down picture that hide walls. Patch nail holes & paint.
Add lamps & lighting in dark area.
Open the curtains.
Set out some fresh flowers.
Remove any unnecessary items from the vanity, tub, etc.
The fixtures, tile & shower curtain should be immaculate.
Caulk & grout tile. Bleach discolored grout.
Remove wallpaper, texture and paint in neutral shades.
Decorate with towels.
Check bath vents are working properly.
Make sure all fixtures work properly and fix leaks.
Define areas by furniture arrangement. Keep it simple.
Be sure clothes are hung up.
Store out-of-season clothing and anything else that does not belong in a bedroom closet elsewhere.
Clean out closets enough for buyers to get a good idea of storage size.
Make sure nothing is left under beds; add bedskirts for cleaner look.
Other: ______________________________
Clean or replace HVAC filter. Clean air returns.
Test all smoke detectors.
Clean chimney, fireplace or woodstove.
Make sure all windows, doors and cabinets open easily without squeaks; replace rusty hinges.
Check ventilation in attic and crawlspace if applicable; update if necessary.
Other: _______________________________